7 Ancient Civilizations that studied Astronomy

In ancients times, people loved to name the group of stars. i.e., the star sisters, goat and many which is kind of funny.

7. Babylonians

Babylonians documented the movements of Sun and moon,. They recorded the positions of the celestial bodies daily, monthly and yearly.

6. Greeks

Greeks are famous for their contributions in Astronomy. They tried to explain it by forming theories with the help of mathematics.

5. Mayans

They sought the guidance of stars in order to make decisions in their life. They mainly focused on Stars, Sun and other planets.

4. Egyptian

They have many structure based on special positions of stars. they were definitely one of the most advanced civilization at a time.

3. Persians

Astronomy was highly popular during the Post-Islam Persian civilization. Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi or commonly known as Azophi is one of the most brilliant astronomers of all time.

In Islamic era they were interested in studying astronomical events. Abu Mahmud Hamid ibn Khidr al-Khujandi built giant sextant with the purpose of calculating the earth’s axis.


Chinese were brilliant indeed in field of astronomy. They had one of the best catalog of Stars.


Ancient Indian astronomer aryabhatta calculated the radius of earth. his estimate was 6,340km with error of just 16km. he was the one who changed the religious astronomy to scientific one in India.

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